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Volunteer of the year - 2013 - Mark Macomber

Volunteer of the Year

Anderson Community Television (ACTV) announced their selection for 2013 Volunteer of the Year at ACTV's annual Holiday Celebration held at Anderson Center on Tuesday, December 17th. Mark Macomber was selected in recognition of his steadfast loyalty to ACTV and the Anderson Township community!

New Program to Air!

Superintendent of the Forest Hills School District, Dr. Dallas Jackson, will be taping a series of programs focusing on the Forest Hills School District which will start to air in November. These programs will target different aspects of the district that make our district a “Blue Ribbon” recipient each year. Please consult our ACTV schedule for date and times of the program or watch it right here on ACTV-org. 

ACTV Board of Directors Meeting

The next quarterly ACTV Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 25th, 7:30PM, at the ACTV meeting room located at Anderson Center, 7850 Five Mile Road.

The Possibilities are Endless

We encourage residents to think of new ways to use our studio facilities and equipment.