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About us

Station Background

Anderson Community Television (ACT) began as a cooperative effort between the Anderson Township Trustees and Forest Hills School District

In November of 1987 a public access studio was realized and located at 8544 Beechmont Avenue (now currently located at 7850 Five Mile rd. in the Anderson Center) where space, equipment and staff were allocated to provide training for community productions. The facility was funded by cable franchise fees. Subsequently Forest Hills relinquished management of the facility and the Anderson Township Trustees managed the facility via an Advisory Committee, which recommended a non-profit organizational structure for the long-term management of the facility.

The Board of Advisors then incorporated as Anderson Community Television and negotiated a contract to provide access service to the community in 1993. In 1995 the Board of Trustees of Anderson Township expanded the contract to include Union Township and the facility became Anderson Union Community Television. Union Township is no longer included, and the name has reverted to Anderson Community Television.

Mission Statement

Anderson Community Television (ACT) shall provide for the residents of Anderson:

  • A public and open forum based on their First Amendment rights of free speech, with no editorial control or technical control over their productions
  • A broad and diverse voluntary participation by an assertive outreach effort within the community
  • Quality equipment and training program for the users, which will result in self-sufficient programming
  • Development of community support for the facility and its mission