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Making Content That Makes An Impact

Anderson Community Television has long covered the meetings of the Anderson Township Trustees, Zoning Comission, and Board of Zoning Appeals.  We cover other great events like the 4th of July Parade, Anderson's Got Talent, Party on the Plaza, the Memorial Day Cermony, Pumpkin Walk and Tree Lighting to name a few.


Since January 2016 we have gone in a new direction as far as our content creation.  Staff has shot and edited two new series that are making big waves no just locally but even internationally.  The first series we set out to make is the Addiction series.  The Addiction Series covers interviews with people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, people who have lost loved ones to addiction, law enforcement as well as people who work in the addiction treatment field.  To date twenty three episodes have air and more are being planned.  How is this different from say a newscast?  We don't limit the people with time.  The groups and/or individuals come in and tell their story in their own way.  An individual might come in and sit in a chair and tell their story straight to the camera in our studio.  This series has led to people going into treatment in Florida, been used to recovery facilities, prisons/jails, and has been viewed over 70,0000 times since it's beginning online.  The impact has been staggering with people reaching out from states all over the country thanking us for this project and the hope that it brings.  Last month someone even reached out from the UK(United Kingdom) commenting on how they had been clean 30 days and really appreciated the Addiction Series.  People have travelled from Florida, Kentucky, Missouri and locally to tell their story.  These stories tell of death, revivial, loss, hope, addiction and recovery.  We hope that you will tune in to channel 18 on spectrum to watch this series or catch up on past episodes on under video archives and also on


Thank you for watching and supporting Anderson Community Television!